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Malaysia Property Loan - OCBC Bank Singapore


OCBC SG Personal Bank Loan

No lock in SIBOR Package
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5

3 months SIBOR* + 2.5%
3 months SIBOR* + 2.5%
3 months SIBOR* + 2.5%
3 months SIBOR* + 2.5%
3 months SIBOR* + 2.5%
3 months SIBOR* + 3.0%
Margin of Finance
Completed Project: Up to 70%
Uncompleted Project: Up to 70%

Completed Project: Up to 60%
Uncompleted Project: Up to 50%

Maximum Loan Tenure

Minimum loan of $200,000 SGD equivalent. Loan up to 70%; up to age 75 years or 25 years loan tenor whichever is earlier.

Legal Matters- Fees According to the loan amount (typically borne by borrower)

For Direct purchase from developer, the fee is 65% of the applicable fees upfront if the purchase as well as the loan sum is in excess of RM 500,000

Additional charge of 10% of the scale fee (Subject to a minimum fee of RM200 and a maximum fee of RM 1,000) each subsidiary instrument.

-First RM 150,000 : 1.0%
-Next RM 850,000 : 0.7%
-Next RM 2,000,000 : 0.6%
-Next RM 2,000,000 : 0.5%
-Next RM 2,500,000 : 0.4%
-Above RM 7,500,000 : Negotiable on the excess (not exceeding 0.4%)

Stamp duty of RM 500 plus RM 10 per duplicate copy of the document. For OCBC, the letter of offer will be stamped at RM 500 plus RM 10 for duplicate copy.

Others benefit
- Cheaper to loan in SGD with interest of approximately 2.88% in comparison to RM loans at 4.2%
-Convenience of over 55 branches in Singapore to provide for client banking needs.
-Cheaper stamping fee for OCBC Bank Singapore at RM 500 over other banks.

*SIBOR is currently around at 0.33% p.a. as of 29/10/2013

Check your loan eligibility at No Cost!

SMS 'OCBCSGBank’ & YOUR NAME TO (+65) 91259978 to get in touch with a Banker-Lawrence Tan from OCBC Bank Singapore.

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Malaysia Property Loan - OCBC Bank Malaysia


OCBC MY Personal Bank Loan (Home Loan Package)

Variable Rate Package
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)

Margin of Finance
Malaysian(90%) 1st & 2nd Home, Singaporean(80%)  1st & 2nd Home

Maximum Loan Tenure

Malaysian - 35 Years/ Age 70 whichever is earlier
Singaporean - 20 Years/Age 65 whichever is earlier

Cancellation Fee
3 years Lock in and charges applied upon accepting bank’s letter of offer.

Others benefit
- Legal fees, stamp duty , MRTA/MLTA can finance in - up to 10 %
- No restriction on making extra payment - anytime without notice or fee charged
- Redraw facility - you can redraw from the amount prepaid, as often as you like

*BLR which is Base Lending Rate is currently at 6.6% p.a. as of 29/10/2013

Check your loan eligibility at No Cost!

A) For Progressive Payment Project , during construction period client can choose to
1) Service interest during under construction period OR
2) Start Installment on First Release

B) Client can apply 3th party loan package whereby bank loan applicant differ from the property owner**
** must have direct relationship interest eg. Spouse, Children, Parent, Parent-In-Law, Sibling, Sibling Spouse, Fiancee

Document required to apply for loan

-Photocopy of IC (Front and Back)
-Photocopy of Passport(If Singaporean)
-Employment Letter ( employment less than 1 year )
-S&P Agreement/Booking Receipts
-Business Registration/Bizfile if any.

SMS 'OCBCMYBank’ & YOUR NAME TO (+65) 91259978 to get in touch with a Banker-Stephanie from OCBC Bank Malaysia.

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Malaysia Property Loan - CIMB Bank Malaysia

CIMB MY Personal Bank Loan (Full Flexi & Term Loan)

Variable Rate Package
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)

Margin of Finance
Malaysian(90%), Singaporean(85%), Foreigner(70%)

Maximum Loan Tenure

35 Years/ Age 70 whichever is earlier
(For Joint Application- the age chosen will be the person with the stronger income base)

Cancellation Fee
3 years Lock in and charges applied upon accepting bank’s letter of offer.

*BLR which is Base Lending Rate is currently at 6.6% p.a. as of 29/10/2013

Check your loan eligibility at No Cost!

Document required to apply for loan

For Employee
-Photocopy of IC (Front and Back)
-Photocopy of Passport(If Singaporean)
-Employment Letter
-Latest 3 months pay slips
-Latest 3 months Bank Statements(showing income credited)
- EPF/CPF Stetement
-Latest Borang BE + Tax Receipt/Notice of Assessment(Singaporean/PR)
-Credit Bureau Report (Singaporean/PR)
-S&P Agreement/Booking Receipts
-Others Supporting Financial Document;(eg:ASB/Fixed Deposit/Unit Trust/Stocks investment/Saving, etc.)

For Self Employed
-Photocopy of IC (Front and Back)
-Photocopy of Passport(If Singaporean)
-Business Registration/Bizfile
-Latest Borang BE + Tax Receipt/Notice of Assessment(Singaporean/PR)
-Latest 6 months company's bank statement/Latest 6 months personal's bank Statement
-Credit Bureau Report (Singaporean/PR)
- EPF/CPF Stetement
-S&P Agreement/Booking Receipts
-Others Supporting Financial Document;(eg:ASB/Fixed Deposit/Unit Trust/Stocks investment/Saving, etc.)

SMS 'CimbMYBank’ & YOUR NAME TO (+65) 91259978 to get in touch with a Banker-Jordan from CIMB Bank Malaysia.

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Australia - Victoria - Melbourne - Condos

Australia Map

Melbourne, located within Victoria, (South-East Part of Australia), has been crowned the world most liveable City by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the third consecutive year. And in the last decade, Melbourne population grows by over half a million people which amounted to around 647,200 people as reported by Australian Bureau of Statistics.  Most of this increase is attributed by over migration.
Currently, to reach Melbourne, we can transverse a flight to Melbourne Airport which is located approximately 25km north-west of the Melbourne's CBD. Melbourne airport, Australia, is well-known for its world class facilities. It combines the domestic and international terminals and catered to more
than 20 million passengers in 2005 alone.

Public transport choices at the airport in Melbourne include the Skybus Shuttle Bus service which runs at regular intervals to the city and major hotels, 24 hours a day, along with public buses and taxis.

To move Around Melbourne, We can choose between various public transport namely the Trains, Trams, Buses or Taxis.

Melbourne Trams Line Map

Melbourne Trams Line Map

By Trams:
If you're visiting Melbourne, Victoria, you will often see plenty of the iconic Melbourne trams moving through the city and suburbs.Melbourne is the only city in Australia where trams still operate, with the Melbourne tram network making up a large portion of the Melbourne public transport system. Most Melbourne tram routes go to or from the city, but there are also services that journey across the inner southern and inner eastern suburbs.

*The City Circle tram is a free tourist tram that operates around the Melbourne CBD.

Melbourne Train Line Map

Melbourne Train Line Map

By Trains
Whenever you're visiting Melbourne, Australia, Melbourne train travel is a great way to see the city.

By Buses
A great way to discover the magical city of Melbourne, Australia, is on the city's safe bus system.
The Melbourne bus network is made up of bus services across the city and suburbs, provided by over 20 private bus companies. Melbourne bus routes range from major routes to short routes, linking with other Melbourne public transport. SmartBus routes, the high frequency bus services connecting many of the city's major centres and train lines, operate daily.

By Taxis
A reliable, convenient and extremely comfortable way to travel around Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, Australia, is by Melbourne taxi. Melbourne taxis are all bright yellow, making them easy to spot and they are available at all hours.

So why invest in Australia??

1. Australia is currently enjoying one of it's most successful economic periods and the property market has benefited greatly from this. With a steady growth in GDP (approx 2 to 3%pa)

2. Strong Investment Performance - The Australian property market has been one of the world's most consistent Property markets over the past 30 years, providing secure returns in excess of 7%pa over this period. It has shown steady increases of around 3% per annum since the 1970s. Since the 1990s however, prices have risen by around 6% per annum.

3. Traditionally low interest rates and it's lowest unemployment rate for decades, the safe investment environment is expected to continue.

4. Continual population growth of 1.6% annually creates a shortage in residential. 60% being migrants which based on the current population of 22.3M translates to approx. 200,000 new residents looking to rent or purchase a property.

5. The laws protecting the interests of landlords are very clear and ensure that you are always safeguarded against issues of squatters, of delinquent tenants to further enhance your investment through the legal system.

6. Low down payment of ONLY 10% now, balance on Completion for most off the plan development.

7. Stamp Duty Savings - Substantial savings in Stamp duty of up to 80-90% if you buy NOW Off Plan as compared to FULL 100% Stamp Duty payment if you buy at Completion.

8. Tax Benefits - There are also some noteworthy tax benefits to be aware of. There are more deductions available the newer the property is, especially when being brand-new so this maximizes your tax deductions especially your Real Cap Gain Tax.

9. Future Migration to Australia - If you are contemplating migration to Australia at some future date, then acquiring property prior to your arrival is indeed beneficial. As you acquire your future residence at “today’s” price rather than the increased value when you actually relocate, but it will provide you with a strong financial platform upon your arrival to build a more secure life in your new country. It may also provide you with distinct tax planning advantages to reduce the impact of Australian taxation when you become an Australian resident.

10. Future Expatriate Return to Australia - As Australian expatriate it is very likely that one day will return to Australia to live and work hence you can sell or rent your property to them.

11. Accommodation during child’s study in Australia – If your Child is likely to study in Australia it is most beneficial for you to buy a property than to rent in the future. Even if the location is not near to your property you have a rental income to offset any renting in the future.

So what’s off plan development is currently in Australia Melbourne?

The Altus Melbourne

The Altus @ Digital harbor, Docklands

The Altus is a Melbourne new launch located within Docklands precinct and is set to be one of the tallest towers at Docklands, The Altus will rise 115 metres to 37 floors, with levels 2 -15 to be 4.5 stars Hotel managed by Pan Pacific Group under Park Royal brand and with levels 18-36 to be home to 299 apartments. Designed by multi-award winning Moull Murray Architects, The Altus embodies quality, innovative and intelligent design. Its strategic location on an island site delivers 360 degree floor to ceiling views of Melbourne’s city centre, first marinas and the Victoria Harbour. A sheer glass façade wraps around the 36 storeys, offering precision, timelessness and luxury, that all point to the finest internal world class style and design, finished off with a stunning sculptural exterior wall, by world-renowned artists that greets you proudly as you enter.

S.T.K St. Kilda @ St. Kilda Road

S.T.K– St. Kilda, Melbourne – St Kilda’s tallest building, elevated on the crescent of St Kilda Road, offers 26 levels of cool sophistication with two structures within one sleek façade. The Tower is a soaring statement of success, reaching to the sky with contemporary 1 and 2 bedroom apartments over 21 levels. Residences revel in a heady cocktail of indulgent views and bespoke interior design. A 5 level Podium adds a grand presence beneath. 

**Disclaimer: Information is provided by UrPropertySg and it does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or reliability of the information and pictures within the site. UrpropertySg shall not be responsible for any liability arising from reliance of any information or use of this site for dealings with any third party.

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Malaysia Iskandar 061213 - Medini Exemption of Real Property Gain Tax

Medini Iskandar

From January 1, 2014, property sold within the initial 3 years of acquisition will go through higher Capital gains tax of 30%. This is an increase from the 15% for property disposed of within the first two years under Budget 2013 and the 10% for residential property disposed of between the 3rd to 5th year.

Real Property Gain Tax Malaysia

For Foreigner, they will faced a 30% Real Property Gain Tax of 30% if property dispose off within 1st-5th year and 5% from 6th years onward. In addition, foreigners can only buy properties valued at RM1 million and above.

Currently, all Medini projects have been exempted, prior to all these announcements, from property tax for first buyers, and are also exempted from minimum threshold from foreign investments.

"These exemption will be extended and most likely push investor to Iskandar Medini" said Zhuoyan Iskandar's(a joint venture company backed by Chinese property developer Zhuoda Group and Malaysia's Iskandar Investment Berhad) sales & marketing director, Liang Thow Ming.

With this exemption, Medini price will increase and likewise, Puteri Harbour will appreciated more due to it's unbeatable "Sea/Harbour View" and "Freehold status" as compare to Medini.

Read more about Puteri Harbour Development : Puteri Cove Residences  

Malaysia Public Holiday

Johor weekend holidays will changed to Friday and Saturday. However, banks will get the exemption. Bank will continue to operate on Saturday & Sunday.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Australia Property Talk - Where Are Melbourne Property Hotspots to invest in Now

Australia Investment Talk in Singapore

Australia Property Talk is here once again and will be held in Huttons International Office.

With the current cooling measures in place in Singapore, are you keen to invest in properties in Oversea? If so, where ?

Look Over to the City that is voted to be the best city to live in.This talk enables Singaporeans to gain better insight on the latest market trends in Australia, preview the latest project and developments from top developers and engage in close-up communication with the speaker.

Why Visit Our Talk
-Preview Upcoming Properties in Australia
-Gain Expert Insights via the Talk
-Engage in face to face discussions with real estate agent.
-Learn About Fee involved in buying Australia Properties.

Why Australia Properties
-Most Development offer - Only10% downpayment and Balance on completion scheme
-Positive Cashflow Returns due to the Interest only Loan scheme
-Save up to 90% on Stamp duty
-Lowest interest rates ever

Session 1 : 11/12 (Wed) , 7.30pm
Session 2 : 14/12 (Sat) , 2.30pm
Session 3 : 15/12 (Sun) , 2.30pm

Location: Incity Lofts, 700 Beach Road S(199598)

Cost : Free

SMS 'AusTalk’ & Your NAME & Date To (+65) 91259978 (Alvin Tay) for reservation of a Sit. Limited Sit Available.

Check out the latest development in Australia Melbourne : The Altus

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Iskandar Malaysia - Nusajaya - Medini

Medini is a greenfield advancement stretching over 2,230 acres developed to end up being the Central Business District of Iskandar Malaysia. Medini, has attracted numerous investor due to the close proximity to Singapore and the Special tax incentive given to foreign companies operating here.

Medini is the heart of Nusajaya surrounded by developed signature advancements such as EduCity, a worldwide best-in-class education and learning hub; Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, with over 100,000 sq ft of film stages; Kota Iskandar, the brand-new Johor State Administrative Capital; Puteri Harbour, a premium beachfront development throughout the strait from Singapore; Horizon Hills, home to one of the very best golf clubs in the nation - and most significantly, Medini is the the home of the newly opened up LEGOLAND Malaysia amusement park, the very first LEGOLAND in Asia.

Medini is master planned group with four distinct advancement collections:.
- Medini North: Zone A.
- Medini Business: Zone B.
- Medini Central: Zones C, D and E.
- Medini South: Zone F.

Each Zone served different purposes:.
- Medini Zone A: Northern Lifestyles and Leisure
- Medini Zone B: Iskandar Financial District
- Medini Zone C: Logistics Villages
- Medini Zone D: Creative Park
- Medini Zone E: Heritage District
- Medini Zone F: Southern Lifestyles and Leisure

Medini Zone A 

Medini Zone B, C, D and E

This global integrated mixed-use township advancement started in 2007 with a preliminary capital expense of RM4.1 billion (US$ 1.4 billion). To date, RM1.84 billion has actually been invested to finish the infrastructural works.

The 2,230 acre website translates to 96 million square feet of land and consists of an overall Gross Floor area (GFA) of virtually 188 million square feet with an expected Gross Development Value (GDV) of more than RM68 billion (US$ 22 billion) over the 20 year advancement strategy of Medini.