Saturday, 8 March 2014

United Kingdom London Property Loan - OCBC Bank Singapore

OCBC Bank Singapore UK Bank Loan

United Kingdom London Property Loan - OCBC Bank Singapore- Personal Bank Loan

Financing Term


-Purchase for Investment


-Singapore Citizens, Permanent residents and Foreigners.
-Aged 21-70 years old

Loan Currency

SGD (Singapore Dollar) Loan

GBP (Pound) Loan

Interest Rates

3MSIBOR +2.5% Throughout

3M GBP COF + 2.75% for up to 50% financing

3M GBP COF + 3.25% for > 50% financing

Loan Quantum

-Minimum SGD 300,000 or
Minimum GBP 200,000
Up to 75% financing for selected projects.

Loan Tenor

-Minimum 5 years
-Maximum 25 years

Loan Repayment

-Monthly repayment of principal and interest

Administration Fee

GBP 500 + (0.10% of Purchase Price) which covers the valuation fee of the property.

Partial Prepayment

Partial prepayment must occur on each rate review date; otherwise a partial prepayment fee of 1.5% will be charged on the amount prepaid.

Full Redemption Penalty

If loan is fully repaid on a non-rate review date, 1.5% will be charged on the amount outstanding.

Cancellation Fee

1.5 % on amount cancelled


All expenses including legal fees, annual review charges, taxes, duties, remittance charges and insurance coverage will be borne by the borrower.

Insurance Coverage

Fire insurance coverage for landed property

*Application is subject to the Bank's other Terms & conditions.
*SIBOR is currently around at 0.4% p.a. as of 08/03/2014

Check your loan eligibility at No Cost!

SMS 'UKOCBCSGBank’ and YOUR NAME TO (+65) 91259978 to get in touch with a Banker-Darren Tan from OCBC Bank Singapore.

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