Monday, 9 December 2013

Malaysia Property Loan - OCBC Bank Malaysia


OCBC MY Personal Bank Loan (Home Loan Package)

Variable Rate Package
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)
4.2% p.a. (BLR* - 2.4%)

Margin of Finance
Malaysian(90%) 1st & 2nd Home, Singaporean(80%)  1st & 2nd Home

Maximum Loan Tenure

Malaysian - 35 Years/ Age 70 whichever is earlier
Singaporean - 20 Years/Age 65 whichever is earlier

Cancellation Fee
3 years Lock in and charges applied upon accepting bank’s letter of offer.

Others benefit
- Legal fees, stamp duty , MRTA/MLTA can finance in - up to 10 %
- No restriction on making extra payment - anytime without notice or fee charged
- Redraw facility - you can redraw from the amount prepaid, as often as you like

*BLR which is Base Lending Rate is currently at 6.6% p.a. as of 29/10/2013

Check your loan eligibility at No Cost!

A) For Progressive Payment Project , during construction period client can choose to
1) Service interest during under construction period OR
2) Start Installment on First Release

B) Client can apply 3th party loan package whereby bank loan applicant differ from the property owner**
** must have direct relationship interest eg. Spouse, Children, Parent, Parent-In-Law, Sibling, Sibling Spouse, Fiancee

Document required to apply for loan

-Photocopy of IC (Front and Back)
-Photocopy of Passport(If Singaporean)
-Employment Letter ( employment less than 1 year )
-S&P Agreement/Booking Receipts
-Business Registration/Bizfile if any.

SMS 'OCBCMYBank’ & YOUR NAME TO (+65) 91259978 to get in touch with a Banker-Stephanie from OCBC Bank Malaysia.

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