Saturday, 31 August 2013

Langauge - VVIP Preview

What is VVIP Preview?

VVIP Preview is an invitation extended to interested buyers before its actual launch. Upon registration, you will be one of the first to visit the show flat before it is officially launched to the public and will have the priority to select unit(s) of your choice. The VVIP Preview allows the developer to gauge the response from the public before the project is officially launched. Therefore, VVIP Preview is the best time for the buyer to view, choose and book an unit as the prices during the official launch are generally higher.

Why VVIP Preview?

It is highly recommended for all buyers to register for the VVIP Preview. Priority booking greatly increase the chances to secure the unit of your choice as there may be other buyers also looking at same unit. It is a norm to have popular units (better stacks or facing) sold on the preview day. You can be assured that there are absolutely no obligations in this procedure. If you decided not to proceed with your purchase due to any reason, your cheque will be returned to you on the spot.

How does VVIP Preview works?

I will provide a personal presentation of your interested project and assist you in choosing your preferred stacks and storeys upon meeting up. I will fill in the authorization form on your behalf and make copies of buyer's Identity Card for registration of VVIP Preview. "Passport is also required for oversea project" Cheque will be collected during this time.

We will keep you updated and invite you back to the showflat on the day of Preview. Either we will proceed with the purchase for you if you are satisfied with the unit or we will return you your cheque at the showroom. There is absolutely no obligation and it only serves to benefit you as a potential buyer.

To register for VVIP Preview Invitation, kindly go to the "Contact" page.

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