Monday, 19 August 2013

Buyer's Guide for Malaysia Properties

Malaysia Charges/Fees/Legal/Stamp Duties for “Foreigner” (Updated 19/08/2013)
Residential Properties (Residential/Commercial Title):
Claculation (estimates)
Base on Purchase Price or Loan Amt
Payment Frequency
Earnest Fee

One time

Upon Signing SPA
10 % of Purchase Price – Earnest Fee
Purchase Price
One Time

Legal Fee (SPA)
Est 0.5% of Purchase Price
Purchase Price
One Time

Legal Fee (Loan)
Est 1% of Loan Amount

First RM$150k = 1%(or min RM$300,whichever is higher)

Subsequent up to RM$1M=0.7%

Subsequent up to RM$3M=0.6%

Subsequent up to RM$5M=0.5%

Subsequent up to RM$7.5M=0.4%

Above RM$7.5M=negotiable
Loan Amount
One Time

Stamp Duty (SPA)
(Purchase Price x 3%)-RM$9000

First RM$100K = 1%

Subsequent up to RM$500K = 2%

Remaining = 3%

Registration Fee

First RM$1M=RM$3K

Subsequent every RM$50K=RM$100
Purchase Price
One TIme
Plus admin charges est RM$1000

First RM$100K=RM$1 for every RMS100 or fractional part of RM$100

Subsequent up to RM$500K = RM$2 for every RM$100 or fractional part of RM$100

Above RM$500k= RM$3 for every RM$100 or fractional part of RM$100

For landed Housing,stamp duty is payable upon sales completion.(Approx 2 mtn from SPA Date)

For condos,Stamp duty is payable upon TOP.
Stamp duty(Loan)
0.5% Loan Amount
Loan Amount
One time

Quit Rent (Town council Tax)
Estimate RM$560 for every 100 meter sq
Purchase Price
Varies by state
Assessment Tax (Unit Tax)
Latest Property value x 0.26 %


State Levy

One Time
Plus admin charges est RM$2000
Fire Insurance
RM$120 for every RM$100K


Rental Income Tax
26% flat for Non Residence.
0-26% for residence
Rental Income
In general,an individual is condered not resident if his duration of stay in Malaysia is less than 182 days in a calendar year. However there are other circumstances that may determine the residence status of an individual. Reference may be made to Public Ruling No.2/2005 which can be downloaded from this website :